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Are newborn photography sessions worth the effort and expense?

I totally understand you asking the question! You just had a baby, you're still healing, you're likely very tired, hormones are fluctuating, and many other challenges. That's why I wanted to write this post. Newborn photos are an investment, so I definitely understand the hesitation. I wanted to make this post to share the "whys" of having professional newborn photos.

Hello! My name is Amanda Joy Prevost and I'm the owner/photographer from New Joy Photography in Wolfe City, TX.

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The "Whys" of professional newborn photos

  1. Newborns changes so much in the first few days, weeks, and months. People say it all the time...Blink and they grow up. It's true. You want (and need) to remember all the little details of your baby. It's not something you can go back in time and capture so definitely don't skip it.

  2. There are certain momentous occasions that should end up on the walls in your home. Special occasions are important to document. Graduations, weddings, new babies, etc. These moments are what we look back on with joy and gratitude for the lives that we've built.

  3. You can see your baby in a different light. So much of the first few weeks is a blur! Taking the time to sit in the studio, relax, and watch your precious little bundle of joy being wrapped and photographed is a great way to take a moment to enjoy the adorable baby you brought into the world. Enjoy those warm and fuzzy feelings!

  4. Safey and comfort of your baby. Photographing babies is a special type of photography. It's important to select a photographer that has experience and the temperament to work with a newborn. Understanding how to pose a baby safely and comfortably is of the utmost importance. I had baby photos taken of my now 17-year-old son when he was past the newborn stage but not quite sitting. The photographer had him on a prop he rolled off of. Thankfully he wasn't injured but he could have been. I never move out of reach of a newborn without an assistant placing a hand or sitting next to a baby. I also won't force a baby into a pose just because it's considered a "safe" pose. Each baby is different, one may like being on their tummy while another does not.

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From a few of my newborn clients:

"Highly recommended for newborn. She is very patient and kept him calm for over two hours."

"She did an amazing job and was so patient and sweet with our (at the time) 3-week-old little girl for her Newborn photo session."

"She was patient and quick (which is needed for a newborn)! The photos turned out fantastic!" "Absolutely love our newborn pictures! Amanda was so great with our baby and made it comfy and calming space for her. Overall, a great experience!"

I hope this blog post helps explain that it's totally worth the effort and expense to capture professional newborn photos. And, if you come see me, I will do my best to give you a couple hours to sit back and relax! I have had multiple clients tell me they have never had their baby sleep that long and even ask if I'd babysit. I totally would! Look at these adorable darlings... How could I say no? :)

North texas newborn photography

North texas newborn photography

North texas newborn photography

North texas newborn photography

North texas newborn photography

North texas newborn photography

If you're interested in booking a session, contact me today by filling the form out at the link below. It's great to book ahead of baby's arrival so you have one less thing to worry about.

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