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So, I might be a little partial since the subject is my daughter, but I adore these sunflower photos! The colors, mood, and feel of these images makes me smile.

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Check out this model portrait session I shot recently. Did you know the difference an an angle can make in an photograph or how to edit the background to make it seamless? Where should you crop a photo or what should you focus on? How should you pose or where should you place the hands? Try it out at home! Get out your camera and have some fun. It's a blast!

Here are a couple past blogs that give some photography tips & posing tips.

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Take a look at this little sweetheart I had the honor of photographing. Isn't she darling?! I also created a photo slideshow. Check it out at the bottom of this blog post.

I'm a newborn photographer and portrait photographer located just north of Greenville, TX. If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session please contact me today. I have a variety of session options including in studio options at my photography studio in Wolfe City, TX. I also offer newborn photography sessions in your home as well.

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