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Why Does Newborn Photography Cost So Much?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Hi Y'all! I'm going to answer a question I get asked often. I thought the blog would be a good place to put this. I hear this not just about newborn photography, but it does cost more than other sessions so I do hear it more so about it. So...dun, dun, dun.... Why does newborn photography cost so much??? My sessions are priced petty competitively to a lot of the market, but truthfully if you are paying less than $200 for a newborn session you are likely not going to end up with the quality that you are hoping for. Here's some of the reasons why it costs more for newborn photography sessions. In all honesty, this applies to most photography sessions, but some of these are more specific to newborn sessions. Equipment & Software: Camera (take a guess at how much just the camera body alone costs!), lenses (how much these cost would surprise you too!!), lighting equipment, insurance, computer, software, file storage and so much more. All of these things are expenses that are required to take those beautiful photos of your precious blessing. Training & Education: Knowing how to properly handle a baby is also very important. I invest time learning how to handle babies and ensure they are safe and comfortable during their session.

Preparation & Follow Up: The session doesn't start for me when you arrive. I'm prepping long before you arrive. Cleaning the studio, the equipment, the props, etc. I'm planning for the session and communicating with you. I also ensure I communicate with you after the session to make sure you are able to download your images, ensure you don't have any questions, and help you with any print or product orders, etc. Props: I'm constantly ordering new props, wraps, outfits, headbands, and supplies, Most items are not inexpensive and typically I order something new at least once per session to ensure that I have variety to offer my clients. Editing: Newborn sessions are a different process than a typical portrait session. People expect baby photos to have beautiful creamy smooth skin when the reality is newborn skin is often red, flaky, blotchy, bumpy, scratched, or a combination of all of the above. It can take MANY hours to edit images. I don't take a heavy handed approach to my editing because I want your child to look like your child, but I do clean up the above items to ensure your photos look great. Below is a sample of an edit. Though you can't zoom in as I do when editing but hopefully you can see the difference. Skin flakes were cleaned up, some redness was lightened, scratches, etc (and this isn't just done on the face). Depending on what's being delivered to the client imagine this done to 30-100 images plus cropping and other typical editing.

Time & Flexibility: A newborn session can take a lot longer than a typical family session. It's a lot more labor intensive. There are a lot of breaks and patience to get every detail just right. We stop for feedings and take the time to ensure that your sweet darling is relaxed. It's not a rushed process. We are moving positions and wraps. Then on to another set up with different props with breaks in between. I typically do not schedule other sessions on the days I have a newborn scheduled. Or if I do it's only one family session very late in the day. I don't have a way to predict how long a session will take and editing will take a long time after the session. If I'm doing an in home session I definitely don't do ANY other sessions. I'm basically loading my entire studio up and bringing it to your home. It's a LOT of work. So, those sessions do cost more for that reason. All my gear has to be packed up, unloaded, set up, the session completed, then packed back up, unloaded, etc. So, that's a whole other animal. Hopefully as you read through this you can see how seriously I take working with my newborns. And, I hope it brings a little bit of insight into what goes into a photography session. It's definitely a little more than snapping a few photos. Babies are so special! Your little one is only this little for a VERY brief time. I can tell you personally that it goes by so fast. You literally blink and they are crawling, then walking, then talking, then in high school. Ugh, now I'm going to cry! Capturing this season is important. Capturing it well is important. I hope this clarifies some of the questions surrounding the cost of newborn photography (and photography in general). If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love the opportunity to work with you!

I'm located just north of Greenville, TX. If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session please contact me today. I have a variety of session options including in studio options at my photography studio in Wolfe City, TX. I also offer newborn photography sessions in your home as well.

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