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Tips for a Great Photo Session | Greenville TX Photographer | New Joy Photography

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Hi Guys! These are my top tips for a great portrait session! I'm a photographer located just north of Greenville, TX in Wolfe City. I photograph on our 5 acre property as well as around north Texas.

Greenville Texas Photographer

CLOTHES A neutral color scheme is best, but don't be afraid to add a pop of color. Plaids and busy patterns can be distracting from the subject (YOU)!

Be COMFORTABLE - I can't say this enough. Yes, totally look cute! Be sure you are comfortable too. Think about practical things like; if you will need a slip, will your outfit keep you covered if the wind blows, can you sit down in it comfortably, etc.

Coordinate outfits but don't be too matchy. There's a fine line between overly matchy just like there is a fine line for overly posed photos

PREPARATION Plan ahead! This is big. Don't wait until the day before or day of to figure out the outfits, make up, hair, etc. This will cause you and everyone to be under pressure and stressed out. That is the last thing you want when you go to take head shots or portraits.

Make sure all you have to do is get ready. Give yourself plenty of time.

Eat & hydrate - make sure you have a snack and drink before your session. This is especially true for the kiddos. It can go a long way in making the session go smoothly.


Sure, bring them if you have them and we can try to incorporate them into the shoot. But, YOU are the stars of the session. The end goal is amazing art that you will want to keep and display in your home so images that you are the focal point of are key.

RELAX Guys, I know it's tough! It's a huge challenge just to get out the door sometimes. And I know not everyone LOVES having their pictures taken. But it can be a great experience...just relax, play, be silly, laugh, and most of all ENJOY your loved ones. That is what this is all about...capturing moments and memories to last a lifetime.


If you have glasses or sun glasses and can leave them off that is best to avoid glare and keep your eyes bright and easily seen. If you have to wear them no worries we will work with it!

Hats can cause shadows on the face, so best to be avoided if possible. If it's something you love we will most definitely work with it.

Be careful what changes you make before a photo session - hair cuts, hair color, tanning, etc could end up possibly not turning out exactly how you plan so make sure you give enough time before you session to plan for any potential unexpected results.

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